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Infant/Toddler Program 


The Infant/Toddler Program is composed of four levels each with 4-5 topics.  Each level is covered based on the general needs of the group. The program will allow increase practice and repetition to the parent/caretaker-child of the learned skills through the entire program. It is required for each baby to participate from the series with his/her mother, father and/or caretaker in order to assure carryover once at home.  

The Purpose 
The infant/toddler program will help the child develop the basis of postural control and movement in order to start with a strong foundation for independence and mobility. The time spent with the therapy provider through all the activities will also serve as a strong source of education to parents and caregivers allowing for a great amount of education and learning opportunities of how to stimulate and progress your child who has difficulty moving. 


The Series
 Level 1: The Gentle Baby (infants 1 month old to 4 months old): 
Topics Covered: 
1. Stimulating the Senses 
2. Connecting with your Baby 
3. Developing Strong Senses 
4. Helping the Baby Relax 
5. Learning Developmental Strategies for a Stronger Future 
Level 2: The Curious Baby (infants 5 months old to 8 months old):
Topics Covered
 1. Touch and Massage 
2. Movement and Equilibrium 
3. Discovering My Head Control 
4. Discovering the Environment through My Senses 
5. Coordination, Movement and the Beginning of Exploration 
Level 3: The Active Baby (infants 9 months old to 28 months old): 
 Topics Covered:
1. Strengthening Sitting 
2. Mastering Crawling 
3. The Standing Challenge 
4. The Waddler
Level 4: The Social Toddler (infants 29 months to 36 months)
Topics Covered: 
1. Upright High Sitting
2. Mastering Rotations
3.Mastering Standing
4. Transitions in all planes
5. Walking, Squats, Stoops and Beyond

The classes are filled with educational opportunities to help the parents discover ways to maximize practice and repetition once at home. 

Through all of our classes music, rhythmic movements,  peer interactions, peer support, games and structure activities are the keys to the success of our children. 
All the classes will include a component of stretching, laying, sitting, standing, walking and strengthening/activity stations. 
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