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Casa Care Preparatory

The Independence Program 


The Independence Program is an intensive mobility program for children with Cerebral Palsy or any other movement dysfunction/difficulty who are seeking more inclusive opportunities and require of intensive repetition and practice to help them develop to their full physical potential. The Independence Program is provided in a safe and stimulating environment recognizing that it is very important to prepare our children for life and the many challenges ahead. The program facilitates the development of early foundations in the cognitive and motor areas. The program enhances motivation, self-esteem, problem solving strategies and optimal functional independence through the different activities presented. By its implementation it helps the children develop better physical stamina improve their balance, walking speed, strength and overall functional independence. The Independence Program ensures that every child is not just maintaining their skills, but moving to the next level of movement and independence.  


Special Considerations
In order to participate from the program any child that presents with a diagnosed medical condition that limits their ability to sit, stand or walk he/she will need clearance from his/her primary physician and/or specialist in care of the patient’s condition. Need for medical clearance will be determine by the program provider prior to initiating the program. You can get the form at our reception desk.

Initial and Progress Check Up
*  If a child becomes hospitalized for any given reason and has to stop for a while, but would like to later re-join the program he/she will required a doctor’s note to re-integrate and continue with the group classes.
*  The initial check up is done the first time child enrolls in the program. The check up will allow the provider to have a good understanding of the basic abilities of the child. It will also help the provider together with the parent develop a concrete plan on how the program can assist the child and how we can progress through the lessons. Although the provider will modify the program as needed for the specific needs of the child, the mid progress check up will allow the provider to determine how to better maximize the results of the program.  


Target Population/Eligibility/Fees
  • Serves children with cerebral palsy, developmental delay and/or any motor disability/dysfunction


  • Infant/Toddler Class: Group session of NO more than 4 children per class (at least 2 children must be enrolled for a class to run). 
  • Contact our office at 704-892-8074 if you have any questions or would like to find out times and dates available for the group or individual sessions. 
Infant/Toddler: Group Sessions (0-3 years old) 
2 mornings per week; 1.0 hrs each day (4 week rotations)
The sessions focus on stimulating the senses, early cognition and early movement skills. This is accomplished by helping the child develop a sense of security, movement exploration and a sense of independence. Routines are taught to parents to help them carry over the learned skills into their daily lives. Through the sessions we are building early foundations for basic movement. The group sessions are provided year round. Parents are encouraged to use the Casa Care web Forum to  get the most out of the sessions. 



  • All programs include a Casa Care Notebook for carry over activities at home, 1-Initial and 1-Mid progress check up. 
  • You can select different levels of intensity per week based on your child's availability, tolerance and individual needs. 
  • Individual sessions also available.
  • Through the program you will be able to select from 30 minutes up to 4.0 hours per week. The fee for your child's class will be totalled based on the amount of hours per week your child is enrolled.
Pre-school Age: Individual Sessions (3 to 5 years old) 
Sessions scheduled  in rotations of 4 week.
The sessions focus on engaging the child on early activity-based problem solving strategies, therefore enhancing early cognitive, motor planning, movement skills and self-esteem among other areas of learning. Through this sessions we are building early foundations for independence.  Sessions provided year round. 

School Age: Individual Sessions (6-18 year old) 
Sessions scheduled in rotations of 4 weeks. 
Through this program we are focusing on life skills as well as higher level problem solving strategies to improve movement (walking, sitting, changing positions), independence, self-confidence and self reliance. Through the sessions we are focusing on independence for life skills. 

Through all of our classes music, rhythmic movements,  peer interactions, peer support, games and structure activities are the keys to the success of our children. 
All the classes will include a component of stretching, laying, sitting, standing, walking and strengthening/activity stations. 
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