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School Age Intensive Program

(6 to 12 years old)


The sessions are focused on improving movement for daily life and independence. The sessions provide great opportunities for higher level problem solving strategies to improve sitting, standing, changing positions, walking, independent movement, self-confidence and self reliance. Through the sessions we are focusing on independence for life skills. 
We are engaging the child on activity-based problem solving situations to enhance cognitive, motor planning, movement skills and self-esteem among other areas of learning. We are building on strategies for movement and independence, as well as, enhancing  opportunities for practice and repetition to help the child reach their maximum potential. 
 Purpose of the Program
The sessions are designed to:
* Work through advance skills to reach his/her individual potential. 
* Assist the child to acquire organized, coordinated and functional play and mobility for his/her age.
* Help the child acquire improved his/her independent movements, balance, strength, neuro motor postural control and coordinated movements through increased repetition and practice of the leaned skills. 
* Strengthen the core and the brain through advance rotational skills as the child progresses the different play activities.
*Help the child achieve the ability to control his/her movement as well as decrease brain blocks that may be limiting the acquistion of higher learning skills. 
*  Progress transitional skills from the laying to standing based on the age of the child.
*  Elongate and strengthen core muscles for functional use through daily skills.
*  Advance upright stability skills for the acquisition of higher functioning play as the child advances through the different levels.
*  Expand the limits of movement while facilitating the learning of new movement and independent skills.
The Curriculum
Series I: Aerobic Activities: Let’s Explore
 Level II-The Tigers: II-1; II-2; II-3; II-4; II-5; II-6; II-7; II-8
Through this Series the child will discover structure movements in within their balance-coordination. The Level courses wil help the child review and  refine their skills focusing on the foundations for movement while laying, sitting and standing in within the different planes of movement.  They will have lots of practice of the skills previously learned in order to get ready for more organized and structure movements. Movement at this level will be mostly targetted to address core strength and elongation of functional and core muscle groups in a very fun way. Will be using music as motivator to engage the child through the different activities.


Series II: Aerobic Activities: All About Transitions
Level II-The Tigers: II-1; II-2; II-3; II-4; II-5; II-6; II-7; II-8
Through this series the child will strengthen the foundation for rotational skills and apply the learned concepts to functional movements. This will allow for the child to move out of their comfort zone and apply the learned skills through different learning opportunities. The child will drive the activities while exploring the ability to go from one position to another with coordination, ease and variability of movement. Through these series the child it taking to improve and enhance the fluidity of their movements. Music will be used to facilitate upright skills through the different activities.  Equipment will be used as needed to facilitate success through the sessions. As needed the child will be taught and encouraged to use different prompts, as well as their proximal environment to safely and functionally move with ease.


Series III: Aerobic Activities: Aerobic Kid Fit
Level II-The Tigers: II-1; II-2; II-3; II-4; II-5; II-6; II-7; II-8
Through this series the child will be taken to explore advanced variations of movement and movement combinations, in order to challenge his/her cognitive and movement skills that are performed through the different activities. Through these sessions movement is taken to a new level and prompts and/or equipment are integrated as needed to reach success through every session. Music anf FUN will be used to drive the sessions. 


 Series IV: Aerobic Activities: All About the Limits of Movement
Level I-The Tigers: I-1; I-2; I-3; I-4; I-5; I-6; I-7; I-8 
Level II-The Tigers: II-1; II-2; II-3; II-4; II-5; II-6; II-7; II-8 
This session has two levels in order to assure that the child has learn the foundation of movement and its application.  Through this lessons we will review many different components of movement that integrate to give us movement and independence. We will see practice of strengthening and functional mobility skills through fun activities. The program will help the children build on their available movements, focusing and coordinated functional abilities. The child will be taken to explore the limits of their movement without forcing the boundaries but expanding on their individual skills through functional concepts for better upright control, balance, coordination and better overall quality of movement.


Through all of our classes music, rhythmic movements,  peer interactions, peer support, games and structure activities are the keys to the success of our children. 
All the classes will include a component of stretching, laying, sitting, standing, walking and strengthening/activity stations. 
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