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Casa Care Preparatory

Project Learn


Through our Project Learn we provide educational trainings to parents, professionals, paraprofessionals, daycare staff, caretakers, and teachers among others,  to help them learn hands on techniques that can be implemented during the child's school day and/or the child's daily community and/or home routine.
Research has proven that increased repetition and practice leads to learning.  The best way to provide this learning experience is by enhancing and maximizing the practice and repetition through the child's daily routine.  Figuring out how to integrate these skills into your child's daily routine either at home or in the classroom at school at times can be very challenging.  This is why we created this resource. 
We will come to your community, school or home to provide you with the needed training.  All the community/school/home trainings/worshops can be structure for up to 25 parents/staff at a time. All tranings/workshops are structured for the individual needs of the group. Therefore the time set for the class will be based on the needs of the group.
Contact our office or call 704-892-8074 to discuss  your group needs and pricing packages to help you set up a training at your desired location. Currently available half day (4 hours) and full day (8 hours) educational training sessions.  
If you are a PARENT you may gather several other parents with similar interests. This would make the training session more cost effective for yours and other families. If you would like to see the training come to your school contact your school director. We will be happy to give you a description of the training in order to facilitate the process.  
For SCHOOLS/FACILITIES this is a great opportunity to bring education to your staff on the teacher traning days, that is directly geared to helping the children with special needs, developmental delay and/or simply to provide evidence based developmental stimulation at your facility, while maximizing learning opportunities. 


Workshop/Training Courses

IP-100: How to enhance your babies' development. A Guide for Parents. 
IP-101: Decreasing my infant/toddler's tone while improving mobility. 
IP-102: Improving my infant/toddler's sitting, and standing (upright) control and mobility.
IP-103:Increasing opportunities for trunk and head control at home and/or community. 
IP-104: Increasing opportunities for mobility and independence at home and community. 

IP-200: Providing Evidence Based Developmental Stimulation at your Facility. 
IP-201: Leaving the wheelchair at the door. How to integrate mobility opportunities for the child with special needs into my week's curriculum.  
IP-202: Increasing floor play at my school/daycare, for increased mobility and cognitive stimulation. 
IP-203: The child with special needs, looking at the WHOLE PICTURE, for mobility and success. 
IP-204: Equipment management in the classroom. Understanding its purpose, how to put it on, take off and how to adjust the equipment to maximize its use in the classroom. 


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