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Dr. Crilly provides private patient consultation services to parents and therapist who are looking to explore options that can facilitate progression of their goals with the parent and/or caretaker and/or for their local clinic with their therapist, this to further advance their child's functional mobility. Payment for the consultation is due at the time of service.
Each patient consultation is two hours long and thoroughly explores the inter-relationship of the child's developmental, neuromuscular, and musculoskeletal systems, as well as how the child's sensory-motor and motor-perceptual performance influences the child's motor and daily living skills.

Through the consultation Dr. Crilly also help you integrate rhythmic movements,  social interactions, parent support, and structure activities are the keys to the success of the child.
All the consultation sessions include components of education,  strengthening activities, stretching activities, coordination stimulation and gross motor skills following our whole body approach.

Patients traveling a long distance can request an extended visit of 3 hours.
Patients leave the session with a Casa Care Notebook that provides them with a thorough plan for home and/or clinic routines, they are encouraged to videotape the session for a visual reminder of any handling techniques that were recommended during the visit. The patients' primary therapists are encouraged to attend the session with the patient if at all possible.
If you would like to request a consultation in regards one of the patients you are working on, or as a parent you are looking for a consultation for your child, contact our clinic at 704-892-8074  and ask to speak with Dr. Karen Crilly PT, MAPT, DPT to arrange the date of the consultation. Fees and appointment dates will be provided once you contact us. 


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