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Physiotherapy is needed at any time a child have movement difficulties that limit their ability to perform daily activities. 
The first years of life brings a period of tremendous growth and development, which are the foundations for further skills and functioning. Early detection of movement problems is important to receive treatment that maximizes a child's potential. Although treatment is available at any age the earlier you recognize a problem and seek professional help, the more likely your child can be helped. 

Physiotherapy focuses on helping children build strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance, as well as other gross motor skills needed to fully participate in daily activities. At Casa Care we help children with challenges related to an array of medical conditions.
At Casa Care Pediatric Therapy we specialized in the following:
  1. Prematurity and its complications
  2. Infants with chronic complex conditions
  3. Developmental Delay and its complications
  4. Coordination/Balance Deficits
  5. Developmental Coordination Disorder
  6. Poor postural control and/or poor movement
  7. Postural imbalance
  8. Abnormality of Gait
  9. Hemiplegia
  10. Traumatic Brain Injury
  11. Motor Disorders due to birth brain injuries (HIE)
  12. Brachial Plexus Injuries
  13. Torticollis and its complications (Head shaping deformities, addressing postural control for head remolding).
  14. Down Syndrome and/or other Genetic Disorders
  15. Functional Limitations due to Metabolic Disorders. 
  16. Failure to Thrive
  17. Overweight Management
  18. Hypotonicity.Hypertonicity Management
  19. Functional Mobility following the principles of conductive education
  20. Cerebral Palsy
  21. Spina Bifida
  22. Sensory-Motor Disorders
  23. Musculoskeletal and/or Neurological Conditions
  24. Congenital Amputations
  25. Congenital Club Foot
  26. Tethered Cord
  27. Increased fatigue due to Childhood Cancer
  28. Hydrocephaly or Microcephaly
  29. Any general movement difficulty
In order to reach the child's goal we will provide the following as required
  1. Therapeutic evaluations 
  2. Consulting services at day cares, school programs and/or at the clinic.
  3. Pediatric sitting systems evaluations.
  4. Equipment Lending Library
  5. Orthotic Clinic 
  6. Screenings Clinic 
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