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Ballet.jpg    Stretch & Strengthening for the Young Child
The class has been designed to provide the young active child who participates from activities like dance, gymnastics, cheerleaders, ice skaters, martial arts and even theater among others, or a child who simply want to get more flexible and stronger, with injury prevention through core strengthening and improvement of their flexibility.


Through this class we are also work with children with special needs targeting  sensory motor difficulties through body awareness and/or expansion of new and precise movements. Classes are integrated to bring growth and experiences that enrich the childs progress.

Through the class we teach and provide ample opportunities to learn different ways to stretch, strengthen, increase their body awareness and coordination skills, providing the child a fun way to exercise while opening the limits of their movements.
Through the class we are also focusing on injury prevention through proper stretching and strengthening of the main core components of movement. Core awareness and stability are a strong focus on this class. By facilitating improved flexibility and core stabilization we are also opening the limits of their movement for better fluency and confidence.
We will work on core strength, back flexibility, ankle strength, balance and coordination among other areas that can help the young child achieve fluency and unlock their potetial without hurting their young developing joints. 
As the child gets older and the demands of the body intensifies they are challenged with growth spurts that affect balance, control and biomechanics of their movement. All classes are facilitated by a doctor of physical therapist. 
Available Classes
Perfect Step PK: 3-4 years old
Perfect Step A: 4-6 years old  
Perfect Step B: 7-10 years old 
Perfect Step C: 11-15 years old
Perfect Step D: 16-18 years old
Group Class   See Our January Promotion
  1. All Levels Drop in Class                                        $20 [60 minutes per class] 
  2. All Levels - Package of 10 classes                      $180 [60 minutes per class]
If you would like for your child to attend a Drop-In class you must call to signed up in the am to assure that your child has a space in the class.


 The class is instructed by Dr. Karen L. Crilly who is a doctor of physical therapy,  She will assure that the children's individual physical developmental needs are being met. 


Through all of our classes music, rhythmic movements,  peer interactions, peer support, and structure activities are the keys to the success of our children. 
All the classes will include component of strengthening of the children's core strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.
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