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Our Approach


(1) We integrate intensive repetition and practice in order to acquire functional skills.
(2) Combine sensory-motor and mobility strategies  to establish activity based and functional goals.
(3) Provide children with the ability to naturally practice their skills.
(4) Reinforce activities that are based on needed, valuable and usable skills not just for now but for later in life.
(5) Use equipment as needed that supports the learning of the motor and functional skills. 

Our Mission

MISSION: To implement an evidence based learning approach that will impact the life of your child at their home, school and their community. Through our approach we provide ample opportunities to LearnAchieve and Succeed through their journey.  


Our Vision

VISION: That we will create a pediatric center that will prepare the children from infancy to adulthood, with the ability to reach their highest functional mobility and living skills, opening opportunities for an inclusive lifestyle.


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