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Occupational Therapy 


The role of the occupational therapist is to promote a child’s ability to perform daily rituals and activities in a way that will enhance their quality of life and make possible the enjoyment of independent living. The therapist will help your child gain independence as well as promote the development of fine motor, sensory-motor and visual motor skills that children need to function, socialize and reach the highest level of function in their home, play, school and community environments. 
At Casa Care Pediatric Therapy we specialized in:
  1. Developmental Delay
  2. Sensory Integration due to Sensory Processing Disorders
  3. Cerebral Palsy and other related neurological conditions
  4. Traumatic Brain Injury
  5. Fine Motor Deficits
  6. Handwriting Difficulties 
  7. Down Syndrome and/or Genetic Disorders
  8. Autism Spectrum Disorders
  9. Delays in fine motor and visual motor skills affecting academic performance
  10. Self-Care Skills Difficulties
  11. Hand Strengthening and coordination deficits
  12. Visual-Perceptual Deficits
  13. Working Memory
  14. Organizational Skills
  15. Attention Deficit
 In order to reach the child's goal we will provide the following as required
  1. Therapeutic evaluations and re-evaluations
  2. Consulting services at the clinic.
  3. Screenings Clinic


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