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The Little Lending Library


Our little lending library has two purposes. One is to provide equipment, as it is available, to the children that participate from our programs in order to help then advance through their goals without the stress of needing  to buy an expensive piece of equipment. These are equipment that the child may need for a transitional period of time, as they advance to higher skills. 
The second purpose of the Little Lending Library is to have available books to the children as well as to the parents that participate from our programs. For the children this is a great resource as it provides them with an opportunity to explore new books in a weekly basis, take then home and enjoy them with their family and just plain develop a love for books, furthering the development of their reading as well as comprehension skills.
For our parents we have books available on a nice variety of topics. 


We will continue to add items to the libraries as they become available. 


How do I find out if the library has the equipment that I need?
Online: You can scroll down and search our online database to determine if we have the product that you child needs. We will be indicating next to the item if it is available or not. 
Via your Therapist: Maintain an open communication with your therapist. If your therapist feels that ther is an adaptive device that he/she would like to try with your child, we recommend you search the library prior to purchasing the equipment. 
By Phone: You can give us a call at 704-892-8074 and we will be happy to help you determine if the equipment you are looking for is available. 


I found what I am looking for, how can I sign it out?
The type of equipment that we will have available has been acquire to support our programs. Therefore the children must receive services at our facility. The equipment will be use to help progress the goals of the children that we serve.
You must complete the sign out equipment form prior to acquiring the equipment. 
How much does it cost to sign anything out?
Our Little Lending Library is FREE, we have structure this program as a means to support our programs and to give back to the community, by providing parents with resources to help their children continue to move forward through their journey. 


For How Long Can I Keep an Equipment Piece
Your child can keep the equipment for as long as he/she needs it in order to advance to the next level of independence. We do appreciate that once your child doesn't need the equipment anymore you return it to us, as we can continue to help other children with their goals as well. 


For How Long Can I Keep a Book
For the young children books we recommend that your child borrows a book when he/she comes for their visit to Casa Care and the week after switch it for a different one. In this way your child will keep a nice interest in the pictures, story, etc and can help them grow on their love for reading. We can also use the books as a reinforcement tool for a good participation during their session. For the parent books we recommend three weeks, but if you need it for longer time please let us know and we can sign it out for three additional weeks and so on. This help us keep track the books for future growth of the library. 

We have added a small section of kids DVDs to our library. The DVDs must be signed in-and/or out every time. 


Equipment Currently Available
1. Adapted stroller (picture to come)            AVAILABLE
2. Britax Traveller Plus EL (for special needs children-never used in a car, used prior for demonstration purposes only)      AVAILABLE
Books Available
Books for Parents
  1. Caring for your baby and young child. -Shelov, Stephen P. M.D., F.A.A.P
  2. The Girfriends Guide to Toddlers. -Iovine, Vicki
  3. The Premature Baby Book, A Parent's Guide to Coping and Caring in the First Years. -Harrison, Helen
  4. Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems. -Ferber, Richard
  5. Toilet Training in Less that a Day. A Tested Method for Teaching your Child Quickly and Happily! - Azrin, Nathan 
  6. Practical Parenting Tips. -Lansky, Vicky
  7. Planning your Pregnancy and Birth. -The American College of Obstreticians and Gynecologist. 
  8. Asperger's Syndrome. A Guide for Parents and Professionals. -Attwood, Tony
  9. Lee Carter's Assertive Discipline. Parent Rosources Guide. -Carter, Lee
  10.  I Can Crayon. -Gibson, Ray
  11. The Out of Sync Child. Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Kranowitz, Carol Stock M.A. 
  12. 365 Activities you and your Baby will Love. -Dr. Rony Cohen Leiderman, Dr. Wendy Masi
  13. Reviving Ophelia, Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls. -Mary Pipher, PhD





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