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Why Work at Casa Care


Is working with infants and children is your passion then you have landed in the right place. At Casa Care we have dedicated extensive amount of time in developing and implementing a facility where you can work outside of the box. Here growth, learning and success is inevitable. We will provide you with the needed resources to help you achieve your goals with your clients and will help you with your professional growth as well. If you have recently graduated we will help you develop the foundations for a strong pediatrics practice.   A position with us will give you: 
  1. Mentoring as needed 
  2. PRN positon 
  3. Flexible Schedule
  4. No Work on Holidays or Weekends
  5. Unique treatment facility
  6. Conveniently located near Birkdale Village
  7. Be part of fundraising events for local charities together with the management of Casa Care. 
  8. Web Based Documentation 
  9. Patient Satisfaction Incentive Program 
  10. See your daily schedule from any computer
  11. Available laptop for daily documentation (for office use only)
  12. CEUs paid by Casa Care for continued education and professional growth once you have reach a full time caseload.
  13. Lands End Business Outfitters-Casa Care Pediatric Therapy Store (for uniform and perks)
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