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Casa Care Preparatory

Gross Motor Skills Class 


Is Your Young Child's Developmental Skills on Track?

As a parent we wonder if our  young child is physically mature for the daily demands they encounter at the playground, day care or pre-school.  If your little one is falling and/or tripping all the time you have come to the right place. Here at Casa Care we have developed a class that will help determine if your child is on track with his/her gross motor skills.  The class is a structured individual or small group session where your child's strength, coordination, balance, posture, endurance capacity and elasticity are addressed.  It focuses on preparing the young child to strengthen and further develop his/her developmental gross motor skills. 


Group Class Format 
  • Children 2 to 5 years old. 
  • Group sessions consist of NO more than 2 children per class.
  • Classes are 30 minute in length
  • Classes are given through the year by appointment only
  • Individual sessions also available per request. 
  • Contact our office at 704-892-8074 if you have any questions or would like to find out times and dates available for the group sessions. 
 The class is led by Dr. Karen L. Crilly who is a doctor of physical therapy.  She will assure that the children's individual physical developmental needs are being met. Prior to entering the class she will conduct a FREE screen to determine the gross motor developmental level of your child as well as other areas that can benefit from strengthening for your child's age. 


Through all of our classes music, rhythmic movements,  peer interactions, peer support, games and structure activities are the keys to the success of our children. 
All the classes will include component of obstacle negotiation, strengthening of the children's core, balance, coordination and gross motor skills. 
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