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Getting Started


In order to get started call 704-892-8074, we will do our best to accomodate your appointment to best suit your needs.
We see children by appointment only in a one-on-one basis, unless otherwise specified under the desired program (this applies to all of our therapies and programs).
Below you will find all the required paper work to get your child started. You will have to download and print the forms. Please complete all your forms prior to your child's initial visit. If you are not able to print the form we can provide you with them prior to the appointment. 


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your child's scheduled appointment to get settle and to assure that you have completed all the forms. 


What should I expect from my child's initial appointment?

During your first visit we will go over your concerns as well as your child's past medical history and your expectations-goals for the intervention. We will then determine the type of testing that will best suit your child's needs and proceed to assess your child. Once we are done we will sit  to discuss and structure a plan of care if intervention is required. If intervention is not recommended we will provide you with input on ways to continue to move forward. 


Please expect the appointment to be at least 1 hour long. If you have an infant let us know your child's meal and/or nap schedule for us to help you find the best appointment time. 



Basic Information Form
Treatment Consent
Notice of Privacy Policy
Authorization to Release Protected Health Information
Photo/Video Release
Attendance Policy

Every insurance allows different amount of sessions for the therapy service. Some also require an authorization with a specific number of visits or units for the service. In order to help you keep track of the count of your child's sessions we have put together a form that will help you avoid confusion later on. Together with the office manager you can initiate the form for later self continues tracking. 
 Child Appointment Log

Please read the following forms they are from the Office of Civil Right. We don't need a copy of these forms, they are for your records only. The form under the heading Forms are the only ones we need. The below forms presents a very short, but comprehensive explanation of how to keep your child's medical information secure. 


Your Health Information Privacy Rights
Understanding the HIPPA Notice
Privacy Security of Electronic Records
Sharing Information with Family or Friends
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