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Bubbles & Sticks 

Through the classes we are building independence, physical strength for mobility and postural control, motor perceptual abilities, motor planning, motor control and problem solving strategies, balance and coordination, and peer socialization among other areas of development. 

Group Class Format
  • The classes are composed of no more than 4 infants at a time. 
  • Parents, nannies/caregivers and grandparents are all welcome.
  • No more than 2 adults per infant (due to space limitations).
The Purpose 
Through our approach the baby is exposed to natural movements that bring together his/her development. The classes will help the child develop the basics of postural control and movement in order to start with a strong foundation for independence and mobility. The program gathers a great amount of education and learning opportunities on how to stimulate and progress the development of your child. 


Infant Sessions (0-14 months old): 1 time per week/45 minutes classes
  1. Stimulate the senses
  2. Provide early cognitive stimulation
  3. Provide early object manipulation
  4. Stimulate social interactions
  5. Stimulate early movement experiences
  6. Build the foundation for postural control and stability
  7. Integrate movement and developmental skills in preparation for higher learning skills.
Routines are taught to parents to help them carry over the learned skills into their daily lives. Through the classes we are building early foundations for basic movements. 


Bubbles & Sticks Series by Age

[At least two infants must be enrolled for the session to run.]

Level 1: The Bunnies:  infants 4 month old to 8 months old
Level 2: The Blue Birds: infants 9 months old to 14 months old


Group Class 
  1. Bubbles & Sticks                                  Cost per 8 weeks/8 classes: $150/45 minutes per class



The classes fill up quickly, sign up today. 
For the registration form and fees for our programs give us a call at 704-892-8074.
 Program Policies for Class Enrollment 2015-2016

Through all of our classes music, rhythmic movements,  peer interactions, peer support, games and structure activities are the keys to the success of our infants/toddlers. 
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