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Taking a Whole Body Approach to Head Re-shaping due to Plagiocephaly and/or Torticollis.

There are many reasons why a baby would develop flatenning of the head with a head rotation, better called Torticollis.  If you’ve been told by your pediatrician that your baby’s neck is stiff, or that they are developing a flat spot, you are not alone.  Perhaps your baby has been diagnosed with torticollis, a condition in which the body, especially the neck and head, are held in an asymmetrical position, or turned to one side.  Often flat-head syndrome, or plagiocephaly, is present in babies with torticollis too. 

Many parents find their baby to be highly resistant to the common treatment prescribed which would be a routine of stretching and positioning activities.
At Casa Care we are taking a whole body approach to the correction of head re-positioning and head flattening. The approach doesn't focus on adjusting the head or neck, but rather on the positioning and stimulation of the whole body. Through this approach the baby is more acceptant to the natural movements and stimulation given, making this a great approach for progress on the head re-positioning and reshaping, as families are able to implement this program with ease at home. 


Here at Casa Care we have  implemented this program in a structure class set up. The class will focus on helping the baby increase the fluency of movement of his/her overall body in order to correct the head positioning and flatenning as well as advance through the different developmental gross motor milestones. The class will not just be great for the babies, but will help the parents develop a support system in within their community


Group Class Format 
  • Infants birth to 12 months old. 
  • Group sessions consist of NO more than 4 infants per class.
  • Classes are 60 minute/ 1 time per week/ for 4 weeks
  • Classes are given through the year by appointment only
  • Individual sessions available. The individual sessions are consider private 1 hour PT sessions.   
  • Contact our office at 704-892-8074 if you have any questions or would like to find out times and dates available for the group sessions or individual therapy sessions. 
The class is led by Dr. Karen L. Crilly who is a doctor of physical therapy.  She will assure that the infant's individual physical developmental needs are being met. Prior to entering the class she will conduct a FREE screen to determine if your baby is a candidate to participate from the class.  


Through all of our classes music, rhythmic movements,  social interactions, parent support, and structure activities are the keys to the success of our babies. 
All the classes will include components of education,  gentle strengthening activities, gentle stretching activities, coordination stimulation and gross motor skills following our whole body approach. 
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